The Future of Data-Driven Personalized Medicine: Keynote Reflections From Amy Abernethy, Chief Medical Officer and President of Product Development at Verily

As a Chief Medical Officer responsible for the health care business of one of the world’s largest technology companies, Amy Abernethy, formerly Principal Deputy Commissioner at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, sits at the intersection of the rapidly converging industries of medicine, technology, and digital health. During this closing keynote address, Abernethy will explain […]

Clinical Adoption of Personalized Medicine: Progress and Lessons Learned in the United States and Europe

For clinical care providers, personalized medicine may present opportunities to improve care for their patients and make better use of scare resources by targeting treatments to those who will benefit. But spearheading the clinical adoption of personalized medicine is anything but easy. During this panel discussion, researchers, business leaders, and clinicians who are intimately involved […]

Creating Personalized Medicines

The pharmaceutical industry stands four-square behind personalized medicine. PMC’s latest research shows that personalized medicines accounted for at least 25 percent of new U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs for each of the last eight years. But economic and political landscapes are shifting. During this panel discussion, industry executives will discuss how they are continuing […]

Developing Diagnostics for Personalized Medicine

Diagnostics companies provide a backbone for personalized medicine by developing the tests necessary to target the right preventive and treatment interventions to the right patients at the right times. Testing innovators today face daunting challenges along with promising new opportunities to impact health care. During this panel discussion, industry executives will consider the future of […]

Paying for Personalized Medicine

Innovators in personalized medicine are struggling to convince health insurance executives that paying more for tests and treatments today will decrease health spending in the future by keeping patients healthier, longer. While serving as Chief Medical Officer for regional health insurer Point32Health from 2011 to March of 2023, Michael Sherman repeatedly broke this bottleneck by […]

Presentation of the 18th Annual Award for Leadership in Personalized Medicine

The Annual Award for Leadership in Personalized Medicine recognizes an individual whose contributions in science, business, and policy have helped advance the frontiers of the field. This year’s award goes to Bonnie J. Addario, a tireless patient advocate and co-founder of GO2 for Lung Cancer. PRESENTER | Michael J. Pellini, M.D., Managing Partner, Section 32 […]