Investing in Personalized Medicine

For today’s investors, an unprecedented pace of progress in science and medicine presents tantalizing opportunities to allocate capital toward companies that are helping to inaugurate a new era of personalized medicine.

Multi-cancer early detection technologies, multi-omic diagnostic strategies, targeted therapies, gene and cell-based therapies, gene editing treatments, artificial intelligence, and advanced computing platforms all promise to transform the future of health care. All can be applied to more closely target the right medical interventions to the right patients at the right times, making medicine more effective and efficient for everyone.

But the path to profitability is fraught with many challenges.

To provide leaders in health and medicine with informed perspectives about the future of investment in personalized medicine, Jared Whitlock, who serves as the Features Editor for Endpoints News, a news outlet that reports and analyzes the trends shaping the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, will probe the views of four capital management partners whose firms have made sizable investments in early-stage personalized medicine companies.

  • Moderator

    Jared Whitlock
    Features Editor, Endpoints News

  • Panelist

    Vineeta Agarwala, M.D., Ph.D.
    General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

  • Panelist

    Tess Cameron
    Principal, RA Capital Management

  • Panelist

    Michael J. Pellini, M.D.
    Managing Partner, Section 32