Personalized Medicine Outside of Oncology: A Panel Discussion on Opportunities and Challenges

In 1998, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Herceptin (trastuzumab), a drug that binds to protein receptors on cancerous cells to block tumor growth among breast cancer patients whose diseases over-express the HER2 protein, ignited the public’s imagination with visions of a new era of personalized medicine in oncology. In the years that followed, researchers made cancer a focal point of personalized medicine, spurring the development of more than 90 biomarker-based cancer therapies on the market today.

Now the field is gaining momentum in other disease states.

In the latest edition of Personalized Medicine at FDA: The Scope & Significance of Progress in 2021, the Personalized Medicine Coalition shows that more than half of the personalized medicines FDA approved in 2021 are indicated for rare, common, or infectious diseases. The report shows industry leaders extending the benefits of personalized medicine to millions of additional patients across multiple disease states.

In this context, Octave Bioscience CEO William Hagstrom, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Senior Vice President for Personalized Medicine Dan M. Roden, M.D., and Adaptive Biotechnologies Vice President for Research and Development Catherine Sanders, Ph.D., will join moderator and PMC Board Member Elizabeth O’Day, Ph.D., who also serves as CEO of Olaris, to explore the evolving contours of personalized medicine beyond oncology.

Dr. Sanders will reflect on the opportunities and challenges for personalized medicine as it relates to infectious diseases. Mr. Hagstrom will discuss his focus on advancing personalized medicine to benefit patients with central nervous system disorders. And Dr. Roden, a cardiologist, will explain how personalized medicine approaches can inform the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Moderator

    Elizabeth O’Day, Ph.D.
    CEO, Founder, Olaris

  • Panelist

    William Hagstrom
    Founder, CEO, Octave Bioscience

  • Panelist

    Dan M. Roden, M.D.
    Senior Vice President for Personalized Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center